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People often decide where to eat based on the quality of the photos they see online, so good professional food photography is essential for any restaurant... With JC Through the Lens, restaurants will be elevated in presentation. Schedule a photo shoot today and see how I can help improve your restaurant's presence both online and in person!

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Pictures are worth a thousand words, and every item on your menu could use a little boost from some good restaurant food photography. So why not show your culinary creations in the best light possible with JC Through the Lens? As a professional restaurant food photographer and culinary content creator, I am passionate about making restaurant dishes look as delicious as they taste. Learn how I can provide the best presentation for your restaurant, and check out my latest works today!

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Whether you are searching for a food photographer to help highlight the items you offer in your restaurant or you’re in need of restaurant photography because you’re just about to open your doors to the world, it’s important to work with a photographer you can trust. JC Through the Lens owner Jose Cabrera is a food content creator who can help you present your business to the world!

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If you’re in the food business, you know that people eat with their eyes before the food even touches their mouths. This is why professional food photography is so important, and it’s also the reason why JC Through The Lens strives to support the food industry as the best restaurant food photographer in South Florida.

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Picture yourself reading a restaurant menu. Even with the most elegant vernacular and enticing descriptions, we all crave the visual element of seeing our cuisine. This is why every South Florida restaurant must capitalize on excellent professional food photography. Keep reading to learn more about the reasons why, and how to schedule a photo shoot with JC Through the Lens today!


With Thanksgiving right around the corner, it's that time of year to start thinking about the production that is Thanksgiving lunch/dinner. Heres my breakdown and thought process behind what is possibly my favorite holiday:

It all starts 2-3 days before the big day...

After almost a month of planning, we make a decision on what exactly is going to be made. Whether we are going to fry and bake a turkey, fry only, bake only, etc..

This year, we are going to fry one turkey and bake another. With that being said, my next move would be to start making a list of ingredients that I am going to need to make sure we have the best, juiciest turkey possible.



The Importance of Food Photography for a Business:

With the advancements in technology and just about everyone having access to a smart phone, we have started seeing food photography as one of the most photographed subjects across the world. Regardless of the social media platform, most people love taking photos of their food and sharing them with their followers. This essentially creates FREE marketing for restaurants, chefs, caterers and other business owners because it keeps pushing their brand out there. The problem with this is that by other people posting photos of your food, you lose all control of what your food looks like and how it is presented. The idea behind professional food photography is simple, make your food look the absolute best it can look and capture that...


While I have been photographer for many years, I have also spent quite some time as a chef, learning and creating dishes through the years. With the camera always close by, it became clear that I should start shooting food. Society now spends a lot of time photographing every meal whether it be for their social media or to be able to look back on it. Shooting food is an art form in itself. There is so much when it comes to plating and designing the plate and there is also a lot going on behind the camera whether it's setting or lighting set ups, every little detail makes a huge difference in the final product. I think shooting food evokes an emotion like no other. To some it may be about a dish that brings back a childhood memory, it may be a dish that makes your mouth water, or any...