While I have been photographer for many years, I have also spent quite some time as a chef, learning and creating dishes through the years. With the camera always close by, it became clear that I should start shooting food. Society now spends a lot of time photographing every meal whether it be for their social media or to be able to look back on it. Shooting food is an art form in itself. There is so much when it comes to plating and designing the plate and there is also a lot going on behind the camera whether it's setting or lighting set ups, every little detail makes a huge difference in the final product. I think shooting food evokes an emotion like no other. To some it may be about a dish that brings back a childhood memory, it may be a dish that makes your mouth water, or any other emotion you can imagine. I consider myself very lucky to be able to capture these feelings. Here is a small gallery of past shots.

All images are available for sale as stock photography. Please contact for information.

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