Meet Jose Cabrera - Owner of JC Through the Lens

Meet Jose Cabrera - Owner of JC Through the Lens

Whether you are searching for a food photographer to help highlight the items you offer in your restaurant or you’re in need of restaurant photography because you’re just about to open your doors to the world, it’s important to work with a photographer you can trust. JC Through the Lens owner Jose Cabrera is a food content creator who can help you present your business to the world!

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How It Started

After years of struggling with anxiety, I decided to flip the perspective on my situation by utilizing my creativity to look at the things I thought made me different as a positive. In that time, I found my value in those differences — and those are what help me to build myself up and approach restaurant and food photography in the way I do.

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My Time as a Chef

I spent many years as a chef, and during that time my love of food was taken to the next level. It’s my love of media and photography that drew me into a career as a food content creator. By focusing my creative outlet on professional product photography in the realm of food, I’m able to combine my passions and help restaurants succeed.

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JC Through the Lens Clients

As a food photographer in South Florida, I’ve worked with some amazing clients, including Catered Fit, The Lunchbox, Bazaar Mar, Bolay, Chef James Tahhan, Chef Richard Ingraham, The Salty Donut, Spatch, and many others.

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How I Help Restaurants

The first impression you make with your restaurant means everything. That’s why it’s so important to work with a food photographer who can capture the essence of your dishes and your restaurant. I’ll highlight what makes you and your food unique and help your business stand out in the process.

Have a question? Curious about product photography ideas in the realm of food? Ready to get started working with an experienced food content creator? Check out a gallery of my work, and get in touch today.