That self growth ramped up rather quickly after I got involved with sim racing which has now led me to spend more time within the real-world motorsports industry as well. Something I always wanted to achieve was a career as a racing driver and having to give that up very young, I never had the chance to make that happen until recently. When I opened up my company that allowed me to financially put together my simulator set up, but more importantly it forced me to think in a way where I had to calculate decisions as a business owner now. Three years ago I started a company where I would create content for the food industry. I spent many years as a chef, but my love of media, always took me back to photography. I wanted to combine both of those passions together and I started creating content and it took about 3 months to start picking up clients that ultimately led me to being able to quit my job and be self-employed. I think that having to make those decisions is what ultimately led me on that path of trying to figure out what else I could do for myself to make myself happy. Since I was little, I’ve always played racing games and as I started being able to afford to spend a bit more, I was able to buy a cockpit, steering wheel, pedals, and so many other pieces that allowed me to basically build a race car in my office. The simulator itself gave me the ability to build a race car without the extreme costs or the danger involved in motorsport. Gear and software has become so realistic that we can closely mimic that of the real world. To me its been about finding that ultimate immersion but at the same time, getting back into a competitive environment, has really pushed me to grow and also reminded me how to think before I created a lot of the stories in my head. This has been key in my mental wellness for me because it’s a daily exercise of so many different things that keep my mind busy enough. There are certainly rough days and I don’t think they will ever go away, but every single time I have one, I consciously make a decision to either learn from it or refer back to anything that helps me get to a better state of mind.